Outdoor Family Gift Pack


Safety Darts: Fun the entire family can enjoy with this Safety Darts set. Soft tip heads on the darts allows for a safe game everyone can play.
Dart Set 45cm. Recommended age 8+

Hockey: A fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family, the Hookey Set comes with everything you need to play this fun game of skill. Hookey is an easy game to play, simply throw the red rings and try to get them hooked on the board – similar to darts but with an interesting twist. Recommended age 8+

Beat the clock: Can you beat the clock?? This is a great gift box set by tiger tribe with over 30 activities to play and finish to ‘beat the clock’. A great gift for kids on the go.
Inclusive of: Stopwatch, 2 Balloons, note pad, pencil, and a box to pack it all up again!