Micro Scooter Seat & O-Bar


Fits with your existing Mini Micro base The Kick3 Seat is taking toy awards by storm, winning the Babies and Infants Toy Award and the award for the Traders’ Favourite toy at the Nuremburg Toy Fair and a Gold Medal at the Australia Mother and Baby awards for the best innovation of 2012!
The much loved Mini Micro now morphs and grows through 3 distinct stages, allowing children as young as 1 to feel the fun of scooting while helping them develop and even learn to walk.
It’s easy to slot the seat and O-bar into your Mini Micro base.
You can adjust the seat to two different heights to suit your child and, when they’re ready, remove it completely.
Once the seat is removed your kids can use the O-Bar handle until they grow up enough to swap it out for the Mini Micro T-Bar for the original Mini Micro experience.
Your kids won’t have to be jealous of their bigger brothers and sisters any more. To see more check out our video below.
This accessory item comes with the O-bar handle and seat only.

*Recommended Age: 1 – 3

*Adjustable to 2 different heights