Science Gift Pack #2


Unicorn crystal terrarium: Grow your own Crystal and make a magical unicorn wonderland.  The kit contains white crystal compound, red colourant, a 5cm crystal base, a sticker, display case, stirring spoon, stirring bowl, miniture unicorn and flowers for decoration. Detailed instructions included. Crystal will grow approximately 5cm in diameter and 4cm high. However the shape and colour may vary, depending on the experiment conditions. Rec age 10+

Shrinkies Charm Bracelets: Take a trip down memory lane with these nostalgic activity sets. Each set includes everything you need to make your own fabulous shrink-art jewellery. Simply colour the beautifully illustrated pre-cut designs, pop them in the oven and watch them magically shrink to 40% of their original size, in front of your eyes! As your charms shrinks the colours become more intense.
Adult Supervision is required for this project. Rec Age: 5+

Whirly windmill DIY: Want to teach children about renewable energy and how windmills work? This set is a great educational lesson while also allowing children to explore their creativity. Using the provided precut sheets, children can create their own windmills. Then head outside and watch them spin. Rec age 5+